A downloadable The Shadow

The Shadow is a game that's still in development, it's planned to be released in December.

The Shadow is a RPG Horror Game with focus on it's narrative and its mysteries.

Will you be able to survive on the Shoto Asylum?


Hello gamers!

I am new here and this is my first time to post something on a project that I have been working on since 2015.

This project is a game made in RPG Maker VX Ace, a game with the horror genre.

It's a demo with half an hour of gameplay.

(15 if you know what to do.)


The game is called The Shadow and has a focus on its mysterious story that involves the paranormal, social criticism and insanity.

Visual and Sound:

As this is my first project, I used tiles that I found on the Internet, the soundtrack and sound effects are not my creation but all rights are given to the people who made them, I hope it does not bother you too much!

About the project:

I started The Shadow in November 2015 for a school project called PAP (Professional Aptitude Project) for my Multimedia Techniques course, I took 20 values , I just finished translating it to english since I made it on portuguese first.

(Yes, I'm from Portugal).


The gameplay involves simple puzzles, small jumpscares and interaction with objects on the map to find out what to do.


I've inspired myself in games like The Crooked Man, Ib, The Boogieman, The Sandman, Corpse Party and many more.


Ever since I played The Last of Us in 2013, I got the dream of being the best game creator ever, trying to become a creative director of a big company one day, such as Neil Druckman, Hideo Kojima.

But first I want to follow the steps of Toby Fox with Undertale and TheMeatly with Bendy and The Ink Machine, I want to start with small RPG games with an immersive story and maybe then create a Kickstarter for a game that I am planning with a larger scale (Undertale type game, the newest Heartbound, Mother etc)

To reach my goal I will start with The Shadow, which later this year I will release fully complete here on the site and try to put it on the GameJolts site.

I accept all the criticism and advice, and thank you if you shared this little Demo with your friends!


The Shadow (English).zip 253 MB


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Forget what I said, I must of extracted the wrong files in the zip folder.

I think I downloaded an old build or something? The one I have is nothing like the one in the screenshots or video below.

The one I downloaded wasn't in english. It was in portugese. Also it looks like it glitches out when the shadow shows up. It just repeats the event of where it talks and then a picture shows up. According to the screenshots and video there is an asylum area. I can't reach it due to this glitch.

I have a question to ask you.

Go ahead

Ever thought of bringing this over to RPG Maker MV?

I would, but since I'm new to the programs I don't know how to, and I heard that the transiction from Ace to MV causes a lot of bugs.

Well I could help with porting it over? I have experience in doing this so don't worry.

Okay, do you have a facebook where we could talk?

I told you i will give it a try this weeknd:) i really liked the game