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Forget what I said, I must of extracted the wrong files in the zip folder.

I think I downloaded an old build or something? The one I have is nothing like the one in the screenshots or video below.

The one I downloaded wasn't in english. It was in portugese. Also it looks like it glitches out when the shadow shows up. It just repeats the event of where it talks and then a picture shows up. According to the screenshots and video there is an asylum area. I can't reach it due to this glitch.

I have a question to ask you.

Go ahead

Ever thought of bringing this over to RPG Maker MV?

I would, but since I'm new to the programs I don't know how to, and I heard that the transiction from Ace to MV causes a lot of bugs.

Well I could help with porting it over? I have experience in doing this so don't worry.

Okay, do you have a facebook where we could talk?

I told you i will give it a try this weeknd:) i really liked the game